Chumba casino online

Does anyone play on chumba? If so whats your experience w them


I’ve actually never played on a social casino to be honest. This site doesn’t have them as an option because …they’re not a known entity. Curious to see what people have to say here. Should LoyaltyStars include some social casinos in the mix? Stake, Chumba, others?


Chumba is a great casino i have won and cashed out plenty of times


I play and like chumba fast payouts

Love Chumba. Actually the 2nd casino i ever found and played on, with LuckyLand being the 1st and i love it as well! Once you get past the verification process, payouts are 24 hes for both in my experience.

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Pretty cool and I won some sc not to long ago. For free it’s not to bad I feel

I play on chumba… Log in daily for 1 free Sweep Coin ( 1 sweep coin= $1 ).

Also I fill like once u verify account with ID u don’t hit big as much as if u didn’t. Verify after u hit big not before .

I did and still do i won 4400 on the money train and they paid out no problem. I won several times actually✌️

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Wirdf I completely agree everything you said about that and more

Horrible I was playing the game and had won $800 $500 then 1800 if you think it’s bull crap I can show you my email… anyway my mother in law and her husband was admitted in and out of town hospital so I was telling her about the game she got all excited and asked would I make her an account so I agreed not really thinking anything of it I made her and account her husband and my sister in law and nephew and account from my old emails that were still located in my phone my account was locked for fraudulent I didn’t understand are know what I had done for this to happen then I was hit with an email saying I had more than one account I tried to explain to them that yes they were my email accounts but someone else was actually playing the game honestly I didn’t know that we couldn’t have another account coming from the same IP address they really wanted to pay me and until you cash out I wasn’t giving a warning nothing everything was gone I don’t think that

Wow that’s crazy. Did you email support and explain the situation?

Agree with @finnishmacinnis did you contact support? Seems like something they should be able to clear up for you

There great :smiley: lots of fun games pretty decent rewards :grinning:.


I have never had any problems with them one of my favorites to play


I actually just had an issue with Chumba where it declined a couple credit cards. Kinda weird but it does happen. Might try another site.

Chumba casino online is 100% hands down the real thing .

I have played this app many times and have enjoyed the games and graphics. My luck comes and goes but that is too be expected. I have never had an issue with depositing or withdrawing money which is always an added plus in my book. Thank you Chumba I really enjoy your app.