Fantasy: Who are you targeting or avoiding this year?

I have the 3rd pick and I’m seriously considering taking Kelce.

I think this is the year I avoid RBs for the first couple rounds.


I’m hoping I can get JaMarr and Tyreek Hill. The latter carried me hard last year.

And… not touching Jonathan Taylor lol! Bro fell flat really bad for me, so not repeating that


I don’t think anybody’s touching Jonathan Taylor until he has pads on at practice and if you get Jamarr early and Tyreek gets back to you, you’re absolutely going to win your league because you’re playing with some crazy folks.

Tee Higgins and Tyreek is likely a more realistic target duo.

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Do it on Kelce. He’ll burn somebody eventually when he hits that 30+ year old wall, but this isn’t the year. He’s going to have a billion targets with that weak ass receiving core.

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I’m investing in Nick Chubb everywhere I can. Insane that he’s got an ADP of like 11. The gap between him at RB5 and Tony Pollard at RB6 is MASSIVE.

Fading Derrick Henry…this is the year he falls off that cliff…Tyjae Spears :muscle: