Free spins or no deposit bonuses?

I’ve been an avid blackjack player for a better part of my life, and I’m just getting into online slots. Financially, what’s the best place for me to get started? Free spins or no deposit bonuses?


Depends what kind of gambler you are: If you’re a more conservative person who likes cashing a sure thing, take the NDB. If you’re more of a risk taker who doesn’t mine losing a few bucks when a larger payout is on the table, then you should lean towards free spins. I won over $100 on free spins once, but sometimes you get nothing.


:grin: i think that free spins are better cuz u can win more, but then theres rollover which sucks… most the time its 40x. It can add up to a lot. Either way its free so its cool. I think yabby is the best for either


I agree with @mitchell it depends a lot on your gambling attitude. As @jamaica85 points out, free spins can be a quick win but they are the more “risky” choice.
You can always try both and find out the one which suits you better based on the outcome.


the frustrating part if you like to play higher limits (I’m no whale here)…but 5-20 bucks a spin, is that the free spins end up being min bets like $0.10. Hit a bonus round and win $4.55 yayyyyy. No thanks for me. Nor do I take signup / reload bonuses unless the operator has favorable rollover requirements. Not saying to be an advantaged player, but more to not have that feeling of winning only to not be able to pull your money out. The worst. Once you get to higher limit play and regular deposits, you’ll start to get better reload offers and eventually get marked as a VIP player (and hey, even get hosted). That’s where the magic is.


Are there any though???

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I love bonuses of all kinds

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Milkyway no deposit bonus

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