Gambling online, are Bovada and stake pretty much the same? Pros and cons?

Hey guys, so first off never had any issues with withdrawals on Bovada. The only issues I’ve heard are the following…

  1. people say it’s rigged? How?
  2. people say the payouts suck
  3. dealers do shady stuff

I’ve never bought into those to me it’s people who can’t win. Maybe it’s just me… Are there any actual legit issues between these sites?

Gambling online vs in person? Do dealers cheat? Or scam?

I know people have won a good chunk of money I’ve won $1,500 on Bovada. Lost about $500 so far. Just being honest. Spent $300 on deposits.

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For me, a huge plus for Bovada is that they have live poker. They also have decent entry bonuses compared to Stake, but you might have to play quite a bit to redeem them. I’ve personally never had an issue with payouts but I guess other people have had different experiences.

Stake has smaller bonuses usually but the upside is that they are given in cash. Are you familiar with crypto? because that’s how deposits and withdraws operate on Stake.

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Bovada always pays out and as far as poker goes bovada has a great many fish to win off of. I wish they offered more free rolls than the current amount of 0. But it’s easy to always have bovada in your top 3 gambling sites.
I don’t like stake. They don’t have a fluid flow to their website interface. Just hasn’t kept my attention for too long cause I have lost rather quickly here.

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