Is poker primarily a game of skill or luck?

Do you believe in luck, skill, or a combination of both in poker? :spades: :clubs: :hearts: :diamonds:

A combination for sure. Also depends on if you’re playing online or in person as the skills, bets, and format all change pretty drastically.

Definitely a game of skill that requires some luck. I’ve seen some players make bank in their first year of playing poker with little theory study. But then guys who have been studying and dedicated to the game consistently losing.

Also agree it depends on what where you’re playing. Online is the wild west and can be cash cow or break the bankroll. Cash games are a grind and you have to be in the right spot at the right time. Tournaments are definitely more ‘luck’ as you have to run like god to stay in. Lots of things come in to play with tournaments, big blinds, seat position, and yes luck.

Pokers not what it use to be for making a quick buck definitely a more saturated field.


Thats a tough question. :thinking::thinking:

Agree with everything here @bonusesmatter