NFL: Futures Bets 2022-2023

Any futures bets you are eyeing?

I just saw Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl odds at 40-1.


Although their odds are not the best right now, I’ll definitely go with the Miami Dolphins. I trust Tyreek Hill game-changing superpowers :muscle:


Was just looking at some Patriots futures and was about to bet 2U on them to win O7.5 games at +160, but instead i split up my bets so that:
-1U on exactly 8 wins at +600
-1U on exactly 9 wins at +700
I think they go win more than 7 games but double digits wins seems a bit out of reach so this seemed like the smarter play


Love this. Pats/Belichick aren’t getting enough credit. They still managed to win 8 games last year with the Patricia/Judge combo.


Tua not getting nearly enough attention. I already sprinkled a little on him for MVP at +2200.

Take Lamar and Cam out of the equation (run first QB outliers) and there are two metrics that reliably predict MVPs - efficiency and passing yards gained - and Tua was Top 2 in both last year.

Fins Up!

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Over everything on Cards. Under everything on Titans.

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Browns Over 9.5 Regular Season wins! :football:
‘Here we go Brownies, here we go!’ :musical_note: