Super Bowl MVP Odds

Looks like a lot books have Lamar or Mahomes winning the Super Bowl MVP. Who is your dark horse with only 4 teams remaining? Honestly I am all in on the Lions train, would love to see Goff go lights out for the remainder of the playoffs and win the SB and the MVP.


Kelce at +5,000 is interesting. I guess the thinking for the long odds is that even if Kelce has a good game Mahomes is just way more likely to get MVP.

If Mahomes has one of those games where most of his targets goes to Kelce and he turns it over 1 or more times, I could see Kelce winning it. Similar to what happened with Cooper Kupp and Julian Edelman when they won MVP.

Another dark horse I love is Jahmyr Gibbs at +9000. He’s just so electric. If the Lions go on a run, I could see him having a big game.

Before the weekend I’ll place a couple bets on Lamar and Mahomes and then a couple smaller ones on Kelce and Gibbs.


Yeah, it’s tough to look past QBs for SB MVP, although the value is usually too good to not sprinkle a little on. QBs either have to have a bad game, or that position player plays out of his mind. I love the Gibbs pick though, that guy is a stud.

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Kason Kelce’s brother - MVP!

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Betting MVP markets right now is probably not super advisable. You’re getting really bad odds. Maybe target some longshots like Mark Andrews +10000 if you’re desperate to bet MVP props before the matchup is set.


Mahomes probably gonna lock it up.

Appreciate the advice!

There might be some personal bias in this selection but I think it would be ridiculous for anyone other than Lamar to get SB MVP this year granted they make it that far. Other than that I think there is value in going with CMC ( I know, basic.) but there is still a lot up in the air!

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100% personal bias confirmed.