What's the most you've won online?

My wins are so small, lol. But I did take down an MTT for like $500 on Full Tilt Poker back in the day. Got super lucky in two hands and then just kind of cruised from there.

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Wait, you guys are winning?

Weirdly enough, I won $100 on Sacha Baron Cohen winning a Golden Globe for Borat 2.

A couple years back I had Embiid at 36-1 to win MVP when he was in that tight race with Jokic. I placed the bet when Embiid was out with COVID and it immediately seemed like insane value. I still think wistfully about that bet ahah. At one point he was the heavy favorite.

I don’t bet often, but won a few hundred bucks on a DFS contest last year!

Hit a +687 NHL parlay last night that would have been +2100 if the Buffalo game did not get cancelled. This would have easily been my biggest but I was forced to settle for less which still happened to be in my top 3!

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This might be the funniest bet to win.

Oooof, that weather. The ultimate beat.

2 dollazonly 2dollaz from fire kirin platform