Will Aaron Rodgers win MVP?

With the NFL schedule released, is anyone throwing down a future for Aaron Rodgers to come back from the Achilles injury and win MVP???

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@mloman184 I just checked the MVP futures odds +2500 for Rodgers does seem like great value. I like their weapons.

I find that you often get good value on Futures this time of year. You know it’s probably going to be a quarterback. I usually place a few bets on QBs for MVP and then a few on skill players for Offensive Player of the Year.

In addition to Rodgers, I’ll probably put a few bucks on these for MVP:

Josh Allen +800 (Feels like he’s going to get over the MVP hump soon, Diggs leaving helps his narrative)

Joe Burrow +1000 (Same as Allen, feels like a matter of time)

Jared Goff +5000 (Good weapons, good team, good narrative = good value)

Christian McCaffrey +10000 :eyes: CMC is also +900 for Offensive Player of the Year. I like that.