Would you pick the underdog, or a team already on top?

I’ve just recently gotten into sportsbetting and as a sports fan myself, I’m curious if people have strategies in place when they’re placing a bet: do you go for the underdog, or the team that already has a winning streak? Any tips/stats you think are crucial to consider before making the call?

I’m loyal to my favorite teams but don’t want to just place bets for them when it’s probably not likely they’d win. There’s obviously a precedent of some crazy comeback stories but I don’t want to just count on that, haha.


I actually prefer betting against my team because if I lose the bet, it means my favorite team won, so I’m happy either way haha. But really, I’d recommend being smart about it and looking at how both teams have been playing recently before placing a bet. Once in a while it’s also fun to just trust your gut and back the underdog. Good luck!

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